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  • The American College of Sexologists (ACS) is a professional association incorporated in the State of California on June 9th, 1978 for the purpose of providing professional standards for the training and certification of Sexologists, and those institutions that offer training in Sexology, as well as providing recognition of the work of other professionals involved in the fields of Sexology and Erotology.
  • On January 1st, 2002 the American College of Sexologists became a part of the Exodus Trust in order for it to function as a nonprofit organization with the same goals and purposes as the Exodus Trust.
  • Today, the American College of Sexologists International is managed by an Executive Director, a President and a board of advisors who contribute their expertise to (1) shape the field of Sexology and (2) grow the awareness and authenticity of the American College of Sexologists International and its members.
  • This non-profit professional membership organization offers certification in Sexology, Sex Education, Erotology, Somatic, Esoteric, Alternative Lifestyle, Adult Toy and Novelties and Erotic Filmography.

The mission of ACS is to support and pursue the societal recognition that every person, partnered or unpartnered, has the right to the pursuit of a satisfying consensual socio-sexual life free from political, legal or religious interference and that there need to be mechanisms in society where the opportunities of socio-sexual activities are available to the following: disabled persons; chronically ill persons; those incarcerated in prisons, hospitals, or institutions; those disadvantaged because of age, lack of physical attractiveness, or lack or social skills; the poor and the lonely.
Furthermore, ACS believes in the sexual rights of all consenting adults, which are listed at: http://www.americancollegeofsexologists.org/about/

  • Choose the kind of membership that you are most eligible for from Individual, Institutional or Diplomatic Membership.
  • Then click on the Apply button and fill out the forms.
  • Scan your degrees or certificates of completion and upload them with your application. Transcripts are not necessary.
  • Include your experience and field-related training in your field in order to get credit towards your 300 hours necessary for certification.
  • If you need extra credentials, click on the Get Credentials button and reapply as soon as you have completed your 300 hours in one of the related fields of certification.

Pay your membership fee of $300.00 by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, sign up for one at: www.paypal.com as it is quick, simple and free.

Membership fee is $300 for 3 years.

Membership is good for 3 years and the renewal fee is $200 every 3 years.

In the US professional membership fees are generally tax deductible as part of your business expenses, but check with your accountant as tax laws differ around the globe.

Individual membership and certification gives you international recognition for your commitment to improving the sexual lives of others through your expertise in Sexology, Sex Education, Sexual Health, Erotology, Somatic, Esoteric, Alternative Lifestyle, Adult Toy & Novelties or Erotic Filmography.

ACS International believes that you deserve to have validation for your work to signify your professionalism and passion in your chosen field.

An ACS Certified Institute Program will have credentials that qualify them to offer training related programs in Human Behavior, Public Health, Sex Education, Sexological Hypnosis, Relationship Coaching, Love Coaching, Intimacy Coaching or Sex Coaching, Sexology, Erotology, Somatic, Esoteric, Alternative Lifestyle or Adult Toys and Novelties.
The institute, college or school may be located on a campus or online with training to meet the follow criteria:

  • Catalog documenting curriculum of programs with a minimum of 300 hours of academic training related to the field of above studies.
  • Institutional Program Certification will be good for three (3) years from date of issue.
  • A renewal application with a $200.00 fee will be required every three (3) years thereafter to retain Institutional Program Membership status.
  • Applications for Institutional Program Membership that do not fit into one of the above categories may be referred to the ACS Board of Advisors, which may approve or reject membership status at their discretion. You can e-mail your details of your program to info@americancollegeofsexologists.org if you need more information
  • Diplomate Certification demonstrates to your peers, competitors, staff, clients and community that you are a dedicated professional in the field of sexology and wellbeing, recognized worldwide. This certification helps open doors to potential career opportunities.
  • To be eligible for a Diplomatic membership, you must be in good standing of The American College of Sexologists for a minimum of nine (9) years.
  • Submit the Diplomate application form with documentation of work.
  • Submit references from three individuals, two of whom are members of ACS.

If you do not have at least 300 hours of academic education combined with experience in your chosen field of sexuality, you can expand your knowledge and get continuing education credits on topics that interest you from the approved institutions and programs at http://www.americancollegeofsexologists.org/get-credentials/

A certificate from the American College of Sexologists International means that students, interns and professionals have not only met the requirements of training, but that they are a member of a community committed to the sexual health and well-being of world citizens everywhere.

ACS is recognized worldwide for its rigorous standards in granting certification. The approved schools and institutions on our comprehensive list of qualified organizations provide you with the expertise you need to fulfill our certification, which opens doors to opportunities globally in the field of sexuality.

Many members have become entrepreneurs who have launched their own sexual health clinics or teaching institutions. Others have become bestselling authors, media therapists, researchers, global speakers, and have gained major brand product endorsements, not to mention operating their own private practices where they help people to improve the quality of their love lives.

  • By having your name and contact information in the Directory, you are part of a network of like-minded professionals committed to sharing positive sexual knowledge.
  • Your contact information in the ACS Directory will make it easy for clients to find you, from CEO’s who want to hire you as a speaker to clients who need your private practice services.
  • Being listed in the Directory demonstrates your support to the American College of Sexologists International.
  • You may at any time request that your name and contact information be removed and it will be done so without question.

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