Institutional Membership Application

Institutional Membership Application

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  • "Certification" Requirements

    The institute, college or school may be located on a campus or online with training to meet the follow criteria:
    a. Degrees or certifications related to Human Behavior, Public Health, Sex Education, Relationship, Love, Intimacy or Sex Coaching, Sexology, Erotology, Somatic, Esoteric, Alternative Lifestyle, Adult Toys & Novelties or Erotic Filmography.
    b. Transcript(s) documenting curriculum of programs and/or courses with a minimum of 300 hours of academic training related to the field of above studies.
    c. Institute must have been in operation for a minimum of (2) two years.
    d. Institutional certification will be good for three (3) years from date of issue.
    e. A renewal application with a $200.00 fee will be required every three (3) years thereafter to retain Institutional Membership status.

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  • History

  • Institution's Program for Certification & Membership

    Please provide us with the title/degree as well as the academic duration (hours/units/weeks/months/years) of the program you are applying for.