Why Choose Us?

1. International Recognition

The ACS is recognized worldwide for its rigorous standards in granting certification for training in sexology and erotology. The approved schools and institutions on our comprehensive list of qualified organizations provide you with the expertise you need to fulfill our certification, which opens doors to opportunities globally in the field of sexuality. A certificate from the American College of Sexologists International means that students, interns and professionals have not only met the requirements of training, but that they are a member of a community committed to the sexual health and well-being of world citizens everywhere.

2. Several Certifications Offered

ACS offers certification in Clinical Sexology, Education, Erotology, Somatic Sexology, Esoteric Sexology, Alternative Lifestyle Sexology and Adult Toys & Novelties. A formal degree or 300 hours in one of the related fields will qualify you for an ACS certification, and you can refer to our list of approved institutions to learn more about the courses and programs offered in this field. For more information on the programs we certify, click here: GET CREDENTIALS

3. Free Directory Listing on our website

As a courtesy to our membership, we provide the service of listing each name on our roster free of charge. Our philosophy is that sharing ideas in the growing study of sexuality aids in the promotion of sex positivity globally, so we encourage our members to reach out to each other, learn from each other, and create new pathways to strengthen the discipline.
If you prefer to stay anonymous, we respect your wishes and will not post your name on our directory listing.

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